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Terms & Conditions


Please remember our aim is to provide you a satisfying experience on the website. These guideliens, terms and conditions are applicable on this web site. 

1) We do try to give you the items you have purchased but if that item is not available we will substitute it with a similar product if its value is less then $15.

2) Furthermore, we do reserve the right to not do a delivery at your address if there is a bad history against you in the past delivery record  or if your order becomes less then a reasonable amount for us or if there are too many frozen items in your order and you are not available to take delivery of those items at your place. We may also not do a delivery for you if your order includes many items which are not in stock, or you are not happy to pay the delivery charge. 

3) We may refuse sale of an item if its not going to be in stock for some time and refund you the money in that case. You will not be called in such a situation and we will send you an email for that.

4) By signing up as a customer of our website you agree to receiving marketing material via email, phone or post from Vinsonn  or our partners from time to time. However you can request us by email on vinsonn if you do not want to receive these marketing calls and mails.

5) By agreeing to these terms and conditions you also agree that you have read the delivery terms and conditions that are at the link below


6) All payments are done in Australian Dollars only as items are located in Australia. GST may apply to certain items also.

7) All pictures are for illustratin purpose only. The actual product may vary. 

Additionally please note that our website contains numerous trademarks which can belong both to our company and third party companies. Using the logos, icons and service names is prohibited in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among our customers, and will be considered a violation of copyright law.

We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time without prior notifications.